Missing U dearly and wishing U were in my life and I in yours, we together creating our love stories

✨⭐🌟This poem is 4 U my Life Partner — u who is my L0V€, my BFF, my happiness, my pride, my confidant, my strength & 🧲 this touches your heart come reach me with a heart felt note 🌹👉 ReachMe 🌹. 🌟⭐✨

Author: Afrros Hudli

Bio: Artificial Intelligence, Board Director, Innovation Catalyst, Entrepreneur — https://www.afrrozhudli.com/about

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NatGeo team you rock!!!

We have enjoyed your content and much appreciate the entire teams effort. I personally love the entire team and the NatGeo brand to Pluto and back plus 3000. :-)

NatGeo was formed in 1888 and had 33 founding members!!! As an Entrepreneur am amazed by the fact that 33 individuals could collaborate so seamlessly to publish their first magazine that year in September.

I made this video as my tribe to each of you awesome NatGeo team members. The song ‘Fragrance of Relationship’ is from my album ‘Dawn of Love’.

Hope you all like and enjoy it!!!

Thank you for the gift of you NatGeo. You truly are content king!!!


Afrros M Hudli